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Rex's Web Sight


Damn cling ons! :o)

In the end if we cannot forgive, then how can we expect GOD to have forgiveness for us?

Welcome to my page on the net. I have MP3's I recorded for download here: Click the Rex dog house to hear My Songs ----->

My Favorites

Bands or Musicians:


(ex-Crimson Glory vocalist, Solo recording artist)

Extremely gifted singer with unbelievable vocal range, expression and exceptional vocal tonalities !

Stephen Bishop:

I could go On And ON about Steve...

Steve writes from the Heart & Soul

And he's written some of the most incredable songs that have floored me time and time again.

I only wish I had such a connection with my voice & guitar! And if I could buy a sense of humour :o)

Tony Harnell;

(TNT, Westworld, Morning Wood)

Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater;

My favorite touring band

The most complex genius level rockers I know

Different set every show! Often doing 3hr+ shows!!

(I was blessed enough in this life to have had some contact over the Net with some of my top favorite musicians)

They interacted directly with their fans

TV shows: (I don't watch much TV)

The Simpsons, American Idol
The OC



It's A Wonderful Life


Kurzweil K2500 manuals
Cubase Power
Autobigraphies of Famous songwriters

I Studied various Religions and I came to a conclusion,

I don't subscribe to any organized religion but do believe in God's existance and pray to.

My Hobbies

I write songs with guitar, keyboards, midi guitar synth and computers.

To date I've written 500+ songs of varying quality and styles.

Enjoy drum programming and guitar synthesis, sampling and digital recording.

Playing live rock concerts.

I have an obsession of remastering all my cds to concert pitch A440.

This started with having to retune my guitar often to play along with Ratt and other cds. (Music is the language I try to absorb)

I choose the nearest pitch.

ie, E, Eb, D, Drop D
No small feat!

I remastered the complete discography of:

AC/DC, Areosmith, Alan Parsons, Alice Cooper, Alice In Chains, Beatles, Bon Jovi, Boston, Bowie, Cheap Trick, Chicago, Cinderella, Crimson Glory, Deep Purple, Dokken, Dio, DLR, Dream Theater, Eric Johnson, Extreme, Fates Warning, Firehouse, Foreigner, Greg Howe, Guess Who, Harem Scarem, Haywire, Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Judas Priest, Kansas, Klaatu, Kiss, Led Zepplin, Lynch Mob, Max Webster, Megadeath, Metallica, MSG, Motley Crue, Mr. Big, Nightranger, Ozzy, Pantera, Pat Travers, Pink Floyd, Poison, Queen, Queensryche, Ratt, Riot, Rolling Stones, Rush,Saga, Savatage, Scorpions, Skid Row, Slade, Spastic Ink, Slaughter, Steel Heart, Stratovarious, Stryper, Symphony X, Ted Nugent, The Cars, Thin Lizzy, Tony MacAlpine, Toto, Triumph, UFO, Vai, Van Halen, Vinnie Vincent, Warrant, Wasp, Whitelion, Whitesnake, Who, Winger, XYZ, Yes, YngwieJMalmsteen, Zappa,

My Mellow side;

Air Supply, Belinda Carlisle, Bill Champlin, Boz Scaggs, Celine Dion, Christopher Cross, Elton John, Little River Band, Olivia Newton John, Stephen Bishop, Stevie Wonder, Supertramp, ...

Doing this helps me in achieving better mastering skills plus the ability to jam along and learn quicker. Plus I know I made the recordings sound better.

I always wished I met ppl that were more talented than myself that I could learn from, I haven't been so lucky in that respect. But I learned so many musicians songs by ear note for note I feel a deeper understanding and respect.


Most Admired

Jordan Rudess:

-Entered Juilliard at the age of 9

-Was being groomed for concert pianist

-Opted for being a synth Keyboard wizard, solo artist & keyboardist for Dream Theater

Stephen Bishop, excellent singer songwriter

Midnight & Tony Harnell, excellent singer songwriters with exceptionally rare vocal abilities.

Guitar monsters:

Alan Holdsworth
Brian May
Jason Becker
John Petrucci
John Sykes
Michael Schenker
Ronni LeTekro
Vinnie Vincent


Thanks for dropping by!






Favorite Links


Midnight's Mansion




Jordan Rudess's Online Keyboard Community




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